Chanee Vijay Textiles

Madrone + Ivory Layered Hemp Framed Textile Art

Madrone + Ivory Layered Hemp Textile Art in Poplar Wood Float Frame 24 x 36" No.05223

This original piece features a palette of soft neutrals - madrone, greige, and ivory arranged and layered in linear movements along side camel and natural hemp. Stitched and sometimes frayed edges overlap and reveal muted hues giving it a sense of depth and tonal interest.

100% Hemp hand painted with water-based and solvent-free ink. Remnant cuts pieced and layered together on birch wood panel. 

Set in a natural poplar wood float frame with a matte finish and 1/4" gap. 

Frame Dimensions: 24 3/4" x 36 3/4", approximately. Depth: 2 3/8". Frame constructed in Texas, USA.

Textile Art Dimensions: 24" x 36"

Mounting Hardware Included. Sawtooth hangers included.

Made in our Charlotte Studio. Signed and numbered.

Textile Art Collection.

Chanee's new collection is made with reimagined hemp remnants from her years of pillow production. Beautifully woven hemp is hand painted in subtle hues, then layered over wood panels. See other pieces in the collection.

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