We're Moving to Charlotte

Sharing our big move news- we’re moving (back) to Charlotte, NC. The online shop will close on November 24, and will reopen in January 2020.

I lived in Charlotte for 13 years before we moved to Philly, LA, KC- so this is truly full circle. We are excited to be close to dear friends and family.

The studio and online shop will close in mid November so we can pack up the showroom. We’re no longer taking wholesale or trade account orders. We'll have the online shop back open by January 2021. This will be a huge shift - and I don’t see myself going back to this high production model. It’s time to give my incredible mom a much needed break from sewing pillows. We will still be working together on new projects when she comes to visit us.

I’ll have a bright and open space for my studio in our new Charlotte home. No renovations this time! I’ll miss KC’s creative spirit, and the brilliant and supportive women that have inspired me. For now, we’re finishing up wholesale orders, packing up the showroom, and getting our home ready for market.